MaXX ViewKlass

MaXX ViewKlass is MaXX Interactive's  SGI IRIS ViewKit compatible C++ Xt/Motif development framework implementation. MaXX ViewKlass is a fork from ViewKlass (many years ago) which features enhancements for supporting modern Desktop and Window Manager interactions.


MaXX Vue
MaXX Vue is a collection of modern C++ extensions to MaXX ViewKlass, a SGI ViewKit compatible implementation. MaXX Vue main  focus is on providing components for building modern visual and interactive applications. Secondly, Vue provides components for easy integration of MaXX Links (messaging), MaXX GPES (general purpose execution service) and MaXX Settings (configuration management).



MaXX Links


MaXX Monitor

MaXX Monitor is a Centralized Hardware and Application monitoring with metric aggregation and a client/server in mind.