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MaXXviewklass is MaXX Interactive's SGI IRIS ViewKit compatible C++ Xt/Motif development framework implementation. MaXXviewklass is a fork from ViewKlass (many years ago) which features enhancements for supporting modern Desktop and Window Manager interactions.


MaXXvue is a collection of modern C++ extensions to MaXXviewklass, a SGI ViewKit compatible implementation. MaXXvue main  focus is on providing components for building modern visual and interactive applications. Secondly, Vue provides components for easy integration of MaXXlinks (messaging), MaXX gpes (general purpose execution service) and MaXX Settings (configuration management).

MaXX General Purpose Execution Service, or GPES for short, is a high performance tasks execution service that takes its inspiration from High Performance Computing (HPC) system. MaXXgpes provides robust and consistent computation solutions to common and repetitive tasks while providing high throughput and balanced utilization of system resources.

MaXXscope is a Smart Application and Service Orchestration for multi-core systems that supports CPU core partitioning for maximum performance and efficiency. With MaXXscope, a system's CPU cores can be allocated, grouped or reserved to execute/run processes based on configurable characteristics such as: process type, parent PID, group and other custom tags provided by MaXXsettings Configuration Management. MaXXscope will make even more sense when we start to run CPUs with big.LITTLE cores.

MaXXsettings is a dynamic configuration management subsystem designed from the ground up with simplicity in mind while not sacrificing flexibility and extensibility. MaXXsettings comes with its own CLI interface allowing simple management, automation via scripting, inline-query and easy application integration. MaXXsettings also provides Java and C++ binding making it super easy to integrate within most modern applications. MaXXsettings allow the definition of System wide setting, we call them Instruments, and user’s overridables called User Preferences.


is a Centralized Hardware and Application monitoring with metric aggregation and a client/server model in mind. MaXXmonitor is responsible of gathering hardware, system and application metrics (static and real-time) and make them available via a secured and efficient delivery mechanism such as MaXXlinks SharedMemoryPayload.  The main goal is to have only one process that does the metrics acquisition and many processed that consumes and  displays the information in different ways.  


MaXX File Service (MaXXfs) is a High Performance and multi-threaded file-system service optimized for multi-core systems that supports CPU core affinity and partitioning for maximum IO performance and efficiency.


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