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MaXXlinks is MaXX Interactive high performance inter-components and applications communication C++ development framework featuring messaging, synchronous and asynchronous communications, multi protocols transport layer for rapid modern high performance applications.


MaXXlinks source code and build instruction can be accessed on our public GitLab repository.


  • support synchronous and asynchronous connections
  • support multiple protocols
  • support authentication
  • support transport layer encryption
  • support transport optimization for local messaging such as passing by reference using Shared Memory
  • support message-driven architecture
  • promote loosely coupling
  • support zero-copy messaging
  • support connection patterns: one to one, publish/subscribe, router and dealer
  • support distributed deployments
  • provide a simplified implementation of the Enterprise Integration Patterns
  • support for: C, C++, Python and Java
  • provide an abstraction layer that could support different back-end providers
  • support multi threading and signalling mechanism between threads
  • must be light, low in dependency and broker free
  • use ØMQ communication library


  • MaXXlinks Architecture Document [online]
  • MaXXdesktop Software Patterns Document [online]
  • ØMQ communication library

Components Highlight
  • Context
  • Message<T>
  • MessageHeaders
  • Channel
  • Transport (ipc, inproc, tcp, pgm).
  • Endpoint (pub, sub, dealer, router, etc)
  • Payload*



Class Diagrams



Work in progress... Feel free to share with us an idea or feedback. Come back soon :)


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