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MaXXviewklass is MaXX Interactive's  SGI IRIS ViewKit compatible C++ Xt/Motif development framework implementation. MaXXviewklass is a fork from ViewKlass (many years ago) which features enhancements for supporting modern Desktop and Window Manager interactions.


MaXXviewklass source code and build instruction can be accessed on our public GitLab repository.


  • modern desktop and window manager support
  • _NET_WM protocols
  • XFT anti-aliasing text rendering 
  • UTF-8 string support
  • bug fixes
  • improve Vk Preferences with default value and reset feature.
  • add unsupported components from ViewKlass
  • support for OpenMotif 2.3.8 or MaXX SGI Motif 2.3.8


IRIS ViewKit Class Diagrams

Figure C-1 ViewKit Class Graph, Part 1

Figure C-2 ViewKit Class Graph, Part 2


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