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Schemes and Themes

First, let's look at how MaXX Desktop is managing both GTK+ Themes for GNOME applications and SGI Schemes for X11/Motif applications.

  • MaXX Desktop is managing both the SGI Sheme and GTK+ theme for you. Meaning, when you make a selection via the scheme_selector, MaXX Desktop changes both X11/Motif and GTK+ configurations for you.

  • MaXX Desktop is using the original SGI Scheme files found on IRIX. We added a few too.

  • The SGI Scheme files are located in : /opt/MaXX/share/X11/schemes and are read only.

  • The SGI Scheme files are under the SGI Special License Agreement. Contact us prior to redistribute them.

  • There is one Scheme per entry in the schemes directory. For example : the IndigoMagic scheme  correspond to

  • A SGI Scheme is composed of X11-Resources files and include rules that defines preset values like color, sizes and  fonts  for all X11/Motif Widgets and applications.

  • When a X11/Motif application starts under MaXX Desktop, dynamically generated Scheme definition files gets injected into the Xt Core Widget.  It's done deep inside our own version of  libXt library and this way we do not miss a thing, it's clean and that's how SGI did it back then!

  • Wish to know more, refer to the  - IRIX Interactive Desktop - Integration Guide document in chapter 3 for more detail.  MaXX Desktop does not yet implements all the functionality as describe in the SGI document.

 MaXX Desktop Scheme

The current MaXX Desktop Scheme setting is store in the file $HOME/.maxxdesktop/MAXX_THEME

$ cat $HOME/.maxxdesktop/MAXX_THEME

This setting is and must be one word and one line. No special character. 

We recommend to use the instead of manually editing the file.


Change the Current Scheme

1. Open a Winterm session and type: and press ENTER


2. Make your selection and voila! Both the desktop settings have been updated and window manager restarted with your new selection.

3. Older X11 applications are not aware of the change, therefor you needs to restart them if you wish to use the new Scheme.


Current supported SGI Schemes/Themes in MaXX Desktop v2.1

(Which is all of SGI Scheme found on IRIX 6.5.30 plus a few new customs)

  • Arizona
  • Bayou 
  • BlackAndWhite
  • DarkBliss
  • Gainsborough
  • Gotham
  • IndigoMagic
  • Inverness
  • Lascaux
  • Leonardo
  • Metropolis
  • Milan
  • Pacific
  • Potrero
  • RedGreenSafe
  • Rembrandt
  • RoseGarden;
  • Sargent
  • VanGogh
  • Willis
  • Buckingham
  • GrayScale
  • KeyWest
  • Mendocino
  • Monet
  • Print
  • Rio
  • Titian
  • Turner
  • Vancouver
  • Whistler