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July 5th 2020 - New Graphical Installer Community Effort Announcement

Graphical Installer

With the new 2.1 release of MaXX Desktop available now and behind us. We can announce the retirement of our older trusty text based installation mechanism.  It simple and it works, but we aim at providing a nicer user experience with a new graphical installer that do the grunt work behind the scene.  To address our requirements and timeline, we have selected Java as programming language and the GraalVM Suite of tools.


Why Java?

Java is a mature, proven and well suited platform that write once and runs anywhere, even in your Android phone!   Seriously, it means for us fast and simpler development with access to everything we might need to build a nice intuitive graphical installer.  With the GraalVM we can  generate a native binary executable from the Java Application itself.  This is the typical one code base, two delivery platform: JVM based like any normal Java application or native like a C/C++ application.  With Java as our programming language we can focus on building functionalities and not framework then functionality. It's fast to develop and a much bigger bang for the buck.  After all, it's an installer!

It will be a Community Effort

As part of our ongoing process to open up the entire code base, any new development is and will be open-source and following a BSD Licensing.  So let's make it official... we are looking for developers right now to start on this new project.  It will be a great opportunity for those interested to work with and learn from an industry mentor and pioneer in the fields of  C/C++, Java, OpenGL and the  X Window system. 

We aim at replicating the SGI Software Managerimage-1593964291064.png

Contact Point

email : Contact : eric dot masson at maxxinteractive dot com for detail
Slack: Invite to our Workspace