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July 5th 2020 - IRIX Clogin Implementation Community Effort Announcement

New Graphical Display Manager

In an effort to provide a more complete SGI user experience and to cut GNOME dependency, we announce the start of our own X11 Display Manager. For those using GNOME, the DM is called GDM. Our effort will be based on the existing XDM with inspiration from Common Desktop Environment as well, since they are Motif based too.

More details will be made available as the interest grows.

It will be a Community Effort

As part of our ongoing process to open up the entire code base, any new development is and will be open-source and following a BSD Licensing. So let's make it official... we are looking for developers right now to start on this new project. It will be a great opportunity for those interested to work with and learn from an industry mentor and pioneer in the fields of  C/C++, Motif/ViewKit and the  X Window System.

We aim at replicating the IRIX Clogin Display Managerimage-1593966158214.png


Contact Point

GitLab :
: Contact : eric dot masson at maxxinteractive dot com for detail
Slack: Invite to our Workspace