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Software Architecture MidView Conceptual & Internal (SLIDES)

Not just a theme...


Here's the breakdown of what makes The MaXX Interactive Desktop a true successor of the great IRI...

Change 5Dwm mode into SGI IRIX 4Dwm mode

User Experience-UX

For all the die-hard IRIX users out there that can't stand the click-and-raise and/or the cumbers...

Foundation Window Manager

MaXXdesktop Packages

This page describes the Window Manager Foundation Components   5Dwm - Enhanced Motif Window Man...

Foundation Applications

MaXXdesktop Packages

This page describes the Foundation Application that consist the MaXX Desktop. MaXX Terminals Ma...

XDG Environment Variables

MaXXdesktop Variables

MaXX Desktop XDG Environment Variables Name Description Default XDG_DATA_HOME ...

HiDPI Shell Variables

MaXXdesktop Variables

  MaXX Desktop HiDPI Shell Variables Name Description Default MAXX_SCREEN_SCAL...

MaXXdesktop Shell Variables

MaXXdesktop Variables

Shell Variables Defines by MaXXdesktop (as of v2.1.1) Name Description Default ...

Environmental Variables

MaXXdesktop Variables

Environmental Variables Supported under MaXXdesktop Name Description Default Value ...

Layered Architecture Details

Software Architecture

◀◀ Top ▶▶ Layered Architecture by responsibility As we previously saw, the MaXXdesktop layere...

Manage Client Window

Software Architecture 5DWM Internals (SLIDES)

Contacting Us


You can contact us using one of the following means.   Main Website

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who is behind this? The MaXX Interactive Desktop, also known as MaXX Desktop, is an all volun...

Welcome to MaXX Interactive Desktop


Indigo MAX IMPACT v2.1.1 is now available >> Link to Release Notes << MaXX Interactive Desk...


Misc. Old Documentation

The MaXX Desktop Workstation Environment for Graphics Professionals     Revised Road Map...


MaXXdesktop Frameworks

  Top ▶▶ MaXXviewklass MaXXviewklass is MaXX Interactive's SGI IRIS ViewKit compatible C++ Xt...

Random Very Old Slides

Software Architecture IconCatalog and FM Renderer Conceptual ...

Icon Renderer

Software Architecture IconCatalog and FM Renderer Conceptual ...

MID Multi Planes Overview   Single Item Selection       Solution #1: Point inside the p...

Client Events - Window+Icon titles

Software Architecture 5DWM Internals (SLIDES)

Desktop Manager

User Experience-UX

work in progress.  come visit again soon :)