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Change 5Dwm mode into SGI IRIX 4Dwm mode

For all the die-hard IRIX users out there that can't stand the click-and-raise and/or the cumbersome keyboard focus policy, you are in luck. Follow this little step-by-step procedure to enable the SGI IRIX behaviour. 

The next version of MaXX Desktop will provide a simpler point-and-click  behaviour toggle. 

1- Edit the 5Dwm configuration file located in  $HOME/.maxxdesktop/Xdefault.d/Xdefaults.5dwm, and change the following:

        5Dwm*keyboardFocusPolicy:           explicit
!       5Dwm*keyboardFocusPolicy:           pointer


!        5Dwm*keyboardFocusPolicy:           explicit
       5Dwm*keyboardFocusPolicy:           pointer

2- Reload your desktop settings - from a winterm session run the following command:

$ update-desktop

3- Restart 5Dwm in order to apply your changes - from a winterm session run the following command:

$ tellwm restart

Just remember that you need to select the window's frame or titlebar, if you want to raise it. Unless you modify your 5Dwm ButtonBindings.

4- Tweak your 5Dwm button binding to allow window raise with CTRL+RIGHT-MOUSE-BUTTON.  Edit your $HOME/.mwmrc file as described bellow

Buttons 5DwmButtonBindings
        <Btn1Down>              frame           f.raise
        Ctrl<Btn1Down>          window          f.raise
        <Btn1Click>             icon            f.restore_and_raise
        Shift<Btn1Down>         root   DefaultRootMenu
        <Btn2Down>              frame|icon      f.move  
        <Btn3Down>              root   DefaultRootMenu
        <Btn3Down>              frame|icon _5DwmWindowMenu_
        Alt<Btn1Down>           window          f.move
        Alt<Btn3Down>           window          f.resize
        Shift Ctrl<Btn1Down>    window          f.minimize
        Shift Ctrl<Btn2Down>    window          f.restore
        Shift Ctrl<Btn3Down>    window          f.maximize
        Ctrl<Btn1Down>          frame           f.lower

That's it!  You are now back on an IRIX machine :)  enjoy