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July 26th 2020 - Update Release Day for MaXX Desktop v2.1.1

After a very successful release of MaXX Desktop version 2.1, code-name Indigo MAX IMPACT, here we are with an release in form of an update that includes bug fixes/refactoring, modern look & feel improvements, foundation libraries version bump up, new features for 5Dwm and a new Dumpster functionality.  It's really Christmas in July. 


First, we want to extend our gratitude to all of you out there who are supporting the MaXX Desktop initiative. Although we are in the early phases of our roadmap and yes the Desktop is not yet completed, but still we are overwhelm by the amount of positive feedback, support and love messages... Again, thank you and keep then coming, let us know what you think, or have a suggestion because they all go strait into our feedback-loop and allows us to adjust, stay in touch with your needs and pushes us to improve further.  But more importantly, those feedbacks are our fuel that reinforces our vision and conviction that there is a demand for a high performance desktop for people that just want to get things done fast, smarter and in a more sustainable way.  Green and high performance computing are not mutually exclusive.

The next version of MaXX Desktop will be 2.2, code name OCTANE and is scheduled for mid-September 2020. The OCTANE release will be available from our new MaXX UI Installer... Moving forward people ;)

To learn more about our RoadMap, visit the What's Next page.

What is part of version 2.1.1
  • File permissions adjustments in demos.
  • Adding isModernLook and isDarkLook to libScheme.
  • Fixed all scripts in MaXX’s  /bin. Debian 10 was impacted by that.
  • Improvements in MaXX’s  /etc configuration files.
  • Fix links and dead menu items in toolchest. More dynamic.
  • Adding Dumpster integration with the Desktop.
  • Adding Sound effects for file manager and Dumpster events.
  • Adding a new ultra-fast XFT text renderer in 5Dwm. Window and Icon titles are now rendered in full anti-aliased with transparency in less than 50ms (per title) vs. Motif’sX mString draw function. An increase of 50X faster.
  • Fixes in user-preferences $HOME/.maxxdesktop.
  • Improvements on the MODERN look and feel.
  • Set CLASSIC look and feel as default when installing MaXX Desktop.
  • Adding online Documentation and integrating links into Toolchest.
  • Adding XRANDR events detection that allows 5DWM to intercept monitor resolution changes.
  • Upgraded to the latest Imlib2 version (form 1.5.1 to 1.6.1).
  • Increased compilation optimization flags (faster executable).
  • Fix hinv so that it can report any kind of audio devices.
  • Remove verbose messages in msound.
  • Adding DesktopDPI user preference and integration with XFT hints.

Refer to the Installation Guides for get started.