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MaXX  General Purpose Execution Service, or GPES for short, is a high performance tasks execution service that takes its inspiration from High Performance Computing (HPC) system. MaXX GPES provides robust and consistent computation solutions to common and repetitive tasks while providing high throughput and balanced utilization of system resources.

Work in progress... Feel free to share with us an idea or feedback. Come back soon :)

Here are the requirements for MaXX GPES:

  • provide robust and secured execution environment
  • centralize the execution of common desktop tasks with low latency (off-screen rendering, computation, etc)
  • support POSIX multi threading library
  • support Shared Memory for efficient exchange of large data set
  • leverage GPU hardware acceleration for off screen rendering
  • leverage CPU specific architecture optimization
  • support MaXXlinks for client connection (synchronous and asynchronous) and signalling mechanism between threads
  • capture execution metrics and export them via API call
  • portable to FreeBSD and alike.








MaXX GPES is build in modern C++ and leverage CPU architecture optimizations and GPU to deliver impact full and dependable level of performance while remaining simple. 

Refer to MaXX GPES Framework documentation for more detail.


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