Releases and Road Map

Due to the pandemic, our planning went out the window.  We do our very best to get you a fresh new release with cool new features as soon as we can. Thank you for your support.

Desktop Release Roadmap
 CODE NAME Date New Features
OCTANE - v2.2 End Q1  2021
  • Introduction of MaXX Links - High Performance communication framework
  • Introduction of MaXX GPES - General Purpose Execution Service
  • Introduction of MaXX Settings - Configuration Management
  • MaXX Settings Integration into the Desktop Preference Panels
  • New Desktop  Preference Panels UI - with MaXX Links integration
    • Mouse
    • Keyboard
    • DtUtilities
    • Windows
  • Quick Search
ONYX - v2.3 Early Q3 2021
  • Introduction of Desktop Manager and new File Manager, aka fm
  • Integration of MaXX Links in Toolchest
  • Workspace Manager for multiple virtual screens
  • 5DWM implementation of missing _NET_WM protocols
  • New Desktop  Preference Panels UI
    • DtSounds
    • Desktop
    • Schemebr
FUEL - v2.4 ??
  • Introduction of MaXX Launcher
  • Introduction of IconCatalog


Software Development Stack Roadmap


- MaXX ViewKlass - Vk
- MaXX Vue - Mv
- MaXX Links - Ml
- MaXX Settings - Ms

  Milestone Date Features
Fork of ViewKlass July 2020 Forking the code of ViewKlass 0.7.2 into MaXX View Klass
Modernize Vk July 15 2020 Adding _NET_WM support
Update v2.1.1 July 26th 2020 Bug fixes, new XFT rendered for 5Dwm and Dumpster
Ms CLI January 2021 MVP 1 : complete
Ms API August 15 2020 MVP 1 of MaXX Settings C++ API
  MaXX Links   MVP1 : Context, Message, InterProcessTransport, Endpoint, Consumer
  MvScale   Motif XmScale wrapper component
  MvApplication   Base class for MaXX Desktop Application - enable MaXX Links Messaging
  MvDesktopPref   Ms specific component
  MvGauge   Ms specific component
  MvChoice   Ms specific component
  MvLogical   Ms specific component
  Mouse Preference Panel

  Keyboard Preference Panel
  DtUtilities Preference Panel
  Window Preference Panel
  MvPathname   image-1593955926051.png
  MaXXvue Canvas
MaXXvue MIDView
  Adding Modern Canvas components to support various renderer technology. MVP1 will be with Modern GL v3.3+.  Those components are needed to support the development of MIDView component used in both fm and iconcatalog
  MaXXvue Desktop   Main Component for the Desktop Manager background window.  aka the Desktop
  more to come...    


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