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July 26th 2020 - Update Release Day for MaXX Desktop v2.1.1

After a very successful release of MaXX Desktop version 2.1, code-name Indigo MAX IMPACT, here we are with an release in form of an update that includes bug fixes/refactoring, modern look & feel improvements, foundation libraries version bump up, new features for 5Dwm and a new Dumpster functionality.  It's really Christmas in July. 


First, we want to extend our gratitude to all of you out there who are supporting the MaXX Desktop initiative. Although we are in the early phases of our roadmap and yes the Desktop is not yet completed, but still we are overwhelm by the amount of positive feedback, support and love messages... Again, thank you and keep then coming, let us know what you think, or have a suggestion because they all go strait into our feedback-loop and allows us to adjust, stay in touch with your needs and pushes us to improve further.  But more importantly, those feedbacks are our fuel that reinforces our vision and conviction that there is a demand for a high performance desktop for people that just want to get things done fast, smarter and in a more sustainable way.  Green and high performance computing are not mutually exclusive.

The next version of MaXX Desktop will be 2.2, code name OCTANE and is scheduled for mid-September 2020. The OCTANE release will be available from our new MaXX UI Installer... Moving forward people ;)

To learn more about our RoadMap, visit the What's Next page.

What is part of version 2.1.1

Refer to the Installation Guides for get started.

July 4th 2020 - Release Day for MaXX Desktop v2.1

Today is a very exciting day... After so many months of pain, sweat and sometimes frustration, here it is, our new version of the MaXX Interactive Desktop v2.1, code name : Indigo MAX IMPACT.


We call this release, a foundation release, because it will be the foundation from which we build an exciting, fast and modern interpretation of the IRIX Interactive Desktop. aka Indigo Magic Desktop. What we mean by foundation release is that all efforts were focused on the foundation components of the Desktop like libraries, window manager, toolchest, look and feels, performance, correctness and user experience consistency through out the Desktop. We also went  with future-proofing some of the key components. design and start implementing new ones, to finally optimizing to bug fixing. A lot of them.

We have also focused on preparing and documenting what are the next steps, so that we can move forward without been distracted by too many unknowns. In the construction world, it's called fast-tracking, where the plans and logistics for let say demolish and rebuild a new building are done in an iterative way but with enough forward vision/thinking so that we can still make new decisions or adapts what doesn't work anymore without stopping everything... 

Finally, this release will be the last release supporting this installation mechanism.  It simple and it works, but we aim at providing a nicer user experience with a new graphical installer that do the grunt work behind the scene. We have selected Java for that and GraalVM native image. It means that we code in Java and generate a native binary executable at the end. It's fast to develop and better bang for the buck.

More on that in the What's Next page.

What is part of version 2.1

Refer to the Installation Guides for get started.

March 23rd 2020 - Into the Clouds

A New Cloud Hosting Infrastructure

We are now running  on a Cloud Infrastructure with Enterprise Grade SLAs  that allows all of our services to scale on-demand.  This is an important upgrade for us as we move towards multi-operating systems and multi CPU architectures in the coming months.  We need a strong and scalable CI/CD pipelines to ensure continuous delivery and maintain high quality.

Here is a summary of our services