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MaXX Scope is a Smart Application and Service Orchestration for multi-core systems that supports CPU core affinity and partitioning for maximum performance and efficiency. With MaXX Scope, a system's CPU cores can be allocated, grouped or reserved to execute/run processes based on configurable characteristics such as: process type, parent PID, group and other custom tags provided by MaXX Settings Configuration Management.

Here are the requirements for MaXX Scope:

  • support MaXX Settings integration for storing and retrieving applications configurations and hints
  • support CPU core affinity for processes and avoid cache flushing
  • support CPU cores partitioning (similar to NUMA Node)
  • support MaXX Links for notification, alerts and client interactions (requests)


MaXX Scope is build in modern C++ and leverage different CPU architecture for maximum efficient.

Refer to MaXX Scope Framework documentation for more detail.

Work in progress... Feel free to share with us an idea or feedback. Come back soon :)




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