Debian Guide (x64)

This Installation Guide will allow you to install the MaXX Desktop on a Debian Linux Distribution from version 9 and above.

We cannot confirm if it works 100% for all derivatives of Debian, but it should.

Release Notes for Indigo MAX IMPACT  v2.1.1

Backup Older MaXX Desktop Installation

To guaranty a successful installation or upgrade, you must backup your current MaXX Desktop installation.  Follow the simple instructions below.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to backup your older MaXX Desktop installation outside a running MaXX Desktop session.  Ideally from the text console or from another desktop session like GNOME or KDE.

1. Backup you current MaXX Desktop Installation.

$ su -
cd /opt
mv MaXX MaXX-old

2. Run the following commands (AS ROOT) to remove deprecated files from older version 2.0 of MaXX Desktop.

This step is optional in case you modified or installed old MaXX GTK Themes. At this point you probably know what you're doing...

$ su -
rm /usr/share/themes/IndigoMagic
rm /usr/share/themes/Rio
rm /usr/share/themes/Gotham
rm /usr/share/themes/MaXX*


Below are the prerequisites for installing and running MaXX Desktop and some older X11/Motif applications...

Storage Space Requirements

120MB   in  /tmp  partition (something it is part of the / 'root' partition)
500MB   in  /opt  partition (something it is part of the / 'root' partition)

Software Package Requirements

$ su -
apt-get update
apt-get install cpp libxaw7 libjpeg62-turbo libgtk2.0-0
apt-get install pavucontrol                 <-- Audio control panel in MaXX Desktop

// Debian 9
apt-get install lib64tinfo5 

// Debian 10
apt-get install libtinfo5

// Older xfonts required as a backward compatibility safety net
apt-get install xfonts-100dpi xfonts-75dpi 

// Mandatory Fonts for Modern Look
apt-get install fonts-dejavu fonts-noto fonts-noto-core fonts-noto-extra fonts-noto-ui-core fonts-noto-ui-extra fonts-noto-mono



Now let's install the MaXX Interactive Desktop onto your system.  Follow the simple instructions to download and run the installer.

You will need  superuser access to run some of the commands...

1. Download and Install MaXX Interactive Desktop - Indigo MAX IMPACT v2.1.1

$ cd /tmp
$ wget
$ chmod a+x
$ su -


Post Installation - Upgrade User Preferences

This step is ONLY for MaXX Desktop users of v.2.1 whom are required to upgrade their User Preferences.

1. Run the following commands (UNDER YOUR NORMAL USER) to upgrade your MaXX Desktop User Preferences.

$ cd $HOME
$ /opt/MaXX/share/misc/HOME/

separator-blue-line.pngAlmost Done

Log out or simply restart your computer to allow GDM to take into consideration the new addition.

Once your system is rebooted, you can now choose MaXX Interactive Desktop  from  GDM's available session menu.

To customize your environment, refer to this book.

Congratulation and Welcome to MaXX Desktop!


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