Layered Architecture

Layered Architecture by responsibility

As we previously saw in the Overview, the MaXX Desktop architecture is divided into three (3) responsibility layers from which MaXX's application can be built.  Below are the layers in question with a short description for each:

  • UX/Presentation - layer performing visual-centric tasks like displaying UI interfaces and/or capturing and processing user's inputs. Components and/or applications on that layers are communicating with the Desktop Support layer.

  • Desktop Support - layer performing desktop support level tasks while providing an abstraction-layer to various Back-end Services where most of the actions are taking place.  This layer can also serves the purpose of functionally aggregator (composition design pattern) where a specific Desktop Support function is realized by utilizing one or more Back-end Service.

  • Back-end Services - layer performing most of the actual work. This layer should only communicate with components/services from the Desktop Support layer.


Work in progress...