MaXX Scope

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MaXX Scope is a Smart Application and Service Orchestration for multi-core system that supports CPU core partitioning for maximum performance and efficiency. With MaXX Scope, a system's CPU cores can be allocated, grouped or reserved to execute/run processes based on configurable characteristics such as: process type, parent PID, group and other custom tags provided by MaXX Settings Configuration Management.


MaXX Scope source code and build instruction can be accessed on our public GitLab repository.


  • support MaXX Settings integration for storing and retrieving applications configurations and hints
  • support CPU core affinity for processes and avoid cache flushing
  • support CPU cores partitioning (similar to NUMA Node)
  • support MaXX Links for notification, alerts and client interactions (requests)


  • MaXX Scope Architecture Document [online]
  • MaXX Desktop Software Patterns Document [online]

Class Diagram

Work in progress... Feel free to share with us an idea or feedback. Come back soon :)


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